President and Section Representatives

Our Fall General Meeting of the SCF Homeowners Association including election of new officers will take place Tuesday, October 21 at 7:00 pm, our Clubhouse.

Several Section Representative positions will be vacant because of term limitations. Please volunteer to become a Section Representative and join your SCF Board. The Board consists of SCF residents who care about our neighborhood's safety, beauty, and preservation, are neighbors just like you and me, are friendly, likable, and are fun to be around!!

Section Representatives should be dedicated individuals, care about SCF, attend monthly meetings, possibly have leadership skills, effective communication and organizational skills, work cooperatively with other Board, Committee members, residents, and sometimes outside vendors, solving problems, planning for current and future budgets, sometimes property installations (example playground equipment). Section Reps should also be able to work with strong personalities to an effective outcome and be willing to acquire a working knowledge of SCF by-laws and deeds.

Section Reps often take on areas of interest voluntarily, such as helping with problems or issues pertaining to technology, maintenance, acquiring equipment for our community, helping with installations, planning landscaping, writing articles. Your involvement depends on your personal interests and time ability.

Elections take place October 21 at the Clubhouse General meeting, required by SCF by-laws. If you are interested, please email or call: (see directory or SCF Times Newsletter for telephone numbers)

Jim Clancy or

Debbie Oliver

Because today is October 6th, please e-mail or call as soon as possible if interested, so we may discuss the position and election with you.