2018 HOA Fees Due January 31

January 31st is the last day to pay your 2018 HOA fee without there being a penalty and late fee applied.  As stated on the invoice sent Nov 6, and according to the Collection Policy available online, there will be a 10% one time penalty applied after Jan 31, plus a $25 late fee per month, starting Feb 1.  

If you would prefer to pay with a credit card, please call the SCF admin, Elisa Kaplan, at 281-370-4729 before 9 pm January 31st (sooner is better). There is a 3% service charge if you pay by credit card, to cover the fee charged to SCF for swiping, bringing the total to $629.33.

Payments mailed via the USPS must be postmarked before Feb 1.

Payments can also be dropped in the SCF mailbox located by the front door of 6711 Falling Waters Dr.

If you want to avoid penalties and late fees, contact Elisa TODAY to set up a payment plan.  To initiate the plan, $147.20 must be paid and the plan must be signed, followed by 5 payments of $97.76. (These amounts are for 2018 dues only).

Thank you to all residents that have already submitted your payments!