2019 Pool Wristband Distribution

Wristbands will be distributed on Tuesday, April 16th from 5-7pm before the General Meeting at the clubhouse and again on Thursday, the 18th from 6-8pm at the clubhouse. After May 1st wristbands may only be obtained directly from Sterling. There will be a slight change in the wristband rules this year. Wristbands must always be worn in the pool area, even by the pool regulars! Two colors will be used for identification this year to assist with safety. Ages 10 and over will receive a silver colored band, while ages 9 and under will receive a seafoam green colored band. Members not in good standing will not be given wristbands. Please contact Sterling ASI at 832-678-4500 to resolve any issues. I will be the new pool committee chairperson, taking over for Andi Stakes. She has graciously offered to guide me along so we have smooth transition this summer. My family and I have lived in SCF for 10 years and look forward to enjoying a safe and fun filled summer. If you have questions regarding the pool, I can be reached at pool@scfneighbors.com. Curtis Dybala