New Trash and Recycling Service

There seems to be a little confusion about the new trash service. Household trash, NOT yard debris or construction debris, is typically collected in the house in smaller bags (8-13 gallons, maybe 20 gallons). Those bags should be placed in garbage cans with lids (typically 39-42 gallon size cans, but can be larger if not overloaded). Those cans will be handled at the “back door” – some place visible from the street on or near the driveway. Some of you have special fenced in areas with gates just for your cans (separate from your backyard access). You should open the gate on Tuesday and Friday mornings so the cans can be seen. In some cases, WM used to actually open the gates. RRR will not do that.  If you store your cans in the backyard or garage, you should bring them out the night before, or the morning of pickup. 

Recycling is picked up on Tuesdays only and should be in a RRR recycling container or one of your own containers with a recycling symbol on it. You can request additional recycling containers and stickers from RRR. Recycling must be placed near the curb for pick up.

Yard debris should be placed in durable plastic bags or tied in bundles (for sticks), not to exceed 40 pounds each, and placed on the curb (NOT in the street). There is a limit of 10 per pickup day. While we would prefer that you not put these out on the curb any earlier than the afternoon prior to pick up, you will not be cited for violating the deeds restrictions if you do so. The proposed 2019 deeds restrictions changes will address this issue.  If you follow these guidelines and still have a problem with pickup, call RRR as soon as possible at 346-248-5222.