New Management Company as of June 1, 2018

Fellow Residents of Spring Creek Forest –

A couple of weeks ago your board approved a contract with Sterling Association Services, Inc to become our new management company. In addition to handling deeds restrictions violations, Sterling will also be taking over the Administrative Assistant responsibilities, along with a few other duties, effective June 1. There will be more details provided by the board in the July newsletter (it was way too late for the June newsletter). In addition, Sterling will be sending out an introduction letter (by U.S. mail) to all residents shortly; and later will send out a more detailed informational letter.

While this is a major shift in the way we have operated the subdivision over the last 40+ years (i.e., using a management company to help with many day-to-day activities), many things still remain the same. Volunteers will still handle the pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, and other amenities. Maintenance will still be handled by Marty Thomen and friends, as will the Architectural Control Committee. The SCFCA board of directors remains the same, and retains control of the subdivision. We still need help with various committees (such as the Social Committee). The rules & regulations, Bylaws, and Deeds Restrictions remain the same (although there has been a committee working actively since January on the 20-year update to the deeds restriction documents, as publicized in social media and the newsletter since December 2017).

-          Chuck Maier, SCFCA President