Special Board Meeting, Wed June 20 7 - 10 pm

Proposed Deeds Updates Review with the Board. 

This review is primarily intended for the board, not the SCFCA Members (residents), so that the board can present the Members with the best FINAL DRAFT document possible later in the summer. There will be a minimum of two (2) special meetings for the Members to provide input to that final draft. Therefore, comments and questions from the floor will be extremely limited during this meeting.


 7:00             Call to order, meeting rules, Board and Sterling introductions

7:10            Describe the process for this meeting, as follows:

·        Board members who were NOT on the update committee will be given the floor one at a time to make comments, ask questions, and discuss items in the document. The board member will work through one item at a time until all of his/her issues are addressed by the Board and Sterling.

·        The next board member will do the same, without duplicating any of the items already discussed.

·        Once all of those non-committee board members are done, the floor will be open to the Sterling managers to do the same.

·        Next, we will open the floor to the board members who were on the committee, one at a time, to address any new issues resulting from the preceding discussions.

·        In the event the process takes way more than the 3 hours allocated, we will adjourn and meet again on Wednesday, July 11th (the clubhouse is already reserved as a contingency).

· 7:25            Begin the review process

?????          If done early, discuss voting process and rough timing

10:00          Adjourn